Social Capital and Mitigating the Negative Consequences

Mitigating the negative consequences of social capital is a crucial step towards harnessing its potential for positive change. While eliminating all negative aspects may not be possible, implementing specific strategies can help minimise their impact. Here are some measures to consider: Promoting Digital Literacy Enhancing digital literacy among individuals canContinue Reading

The Dark Side of Social Capital

-Auguste (Gusti) Coetzer – Social capital, the networks and relationships formed within societies, is often recognised for its positive contributions to individuals and communities. However, it is vital to acknowledge that like any social phenomenon, social capital also has a dark side. What are the negative consequences of social capitalContinue Reading

Reverse Mentoring – Intergenerational Collaboration

Reverse Mentoring – Intergenerational Collaboration

“Nobody knows it all – the younger what the older know, nor the older that the younger knows. Reverse mentoring minimises the gap.” – Auguste (Gusti) Coetzer What is reverse mentoring? It involves pairing a younger, tech-savvy employee as a mentor with a more experienced senior executive to exchange knowledgeContinue Reading

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

I recently attended the French South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s talk on sustainability. The two speakers, Komogela Maerman National Sales Leader, FCM Travel and Howard Lonstein Trade Marking Specialist, JCDecaux, South Africa gave their penetrating overviews of the reality of the impact of mankind’s actions on climate change.Continue Reading

Recession Proof Considerations

Recession Proof Considerations For Companies During Recessionary Periods

In the face of economic uncertainty and potential downturns, businesses must take action to protect themselves and remain financially stable. It means developing and implementing strategies to help recession-proof a company, ensuring it can weather even the most challenging economic storms.   From an executive recruitment perspective, it is imperativeContinue Reading

Managing A Business In a Downturn Economy

A recession typically refers to a downturn in the economy where about 75% of business turnover will be severely affected. These kinds of downturns ordinarily last 18 – 24 months. However, in South Africa, this is exacerbated by the lack of energy stability and a decline in optimal infrastructure. HavardContinue Reading

Fintech Talent: What You Need to Know

The world runs on money and the circulation thereof. Due to significant advancements in Financial Technology, money is moving quicker and safer than ever before. However, the movement of money depends on employees at Fintech companies, and they must make that money move to deliver convenience and security to stakeholders aroundContinue Reading

Retaining Employees During The “Great Resignation”

“The Great Resignation” is a phrase dreaded by most employers and continues to ruffle feathers as society easies back into a “normal” world of work. According to recent publications, the term was coined towards the elevated rate at which the South African workforce resigned from their corporate careers amid COVID-19Continue Reading